Hi, I'm Josh.

I am a

About Me

Hi there, traveler! I'm currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley majoring in computer science and music. I enjoy making cool stuff that can help and entertain people. In my free time, I like to code apps, compose music, and hang out with friends. Feel free to roam around and check out some things I made!

And, if you're feeling adventurous, try clicking one of my music spheres and see what happens!



AR Portal

• Used Unity and ARKit to build an AR Portal.
• Co-directed promotional video.

Affinity Homes Showcase

• UI designer of WebVR virtual home showcase app. VR compatible on Microsoft Edge with Windows MR and some mobile phones.
• Composed background music for the Affinity Homes showcase.


• Used Unity to generate cool visualizations of cool music.

Add To Calendar

• Built a Google Chrome extension that lets you add a Facebook event to your Google Calendar in one click.
Add to your browser.


Original Compositions

• Playlist of some of my original compositions, involving piano, choral, and other types of music.

LABS Choir Contest

• My entries into the LABS Choir contest, a choral composition contest.
• Scored five short NASA space films using only the LABS Choir sound library.

Take You Home

• Producer, drummer, and background vocalist.
• Recorded with one mic.

Best Part

• I also like to sing in my free time :)